March 11, 2007

Fished the Sacramento River for Sturgeon last week, no takers, the water was on a steady drop and we barely were able to get back out at the state park in Colusa. Fished the Smith and Chetco in the beginning of the week with Frank Duarte for Steelies up to around 8 lbs. The prior weeks snow was causing some river problems and not allowing it to come into perfect shape as we had hoped but we still caught fish. On the way back fished Siskyou for trout and did really well until the wind about blew me off the lake. Caught three nice Rainbow’s prior to that though. This weekend we made a scouting trip with friends to the upper Sacramento and fished for trout and didn’t fare too well, the Caddis hatch was on and we had the wrong gear, like bringing a knife to a gunfight, live and learn!!