July 5, 2007

It’s been a while since my last report. Have spent the last two weeks fishing the Klamath River out of the drift boat for trout. We fish right below Iron Gate and had a great time. The trout are plentifull in this section of river, 20-30 a day is the norm. I can book only multi day trips in this fishery due to the travel, but can provide lodging at a minimal fee. The Shad fishing in the Chico area is winding down, we are now gearing up for Salmon season. The Sacramento River seems to be coming into shape for a great year and starts on July 16th. The Feather has finally received some much needed water and we will be heading over to see if the Salmon have followed the high flows. Please book your Salmon trips ASAP. I still have prime dates available, but they fill up fast! Take care.