July 31, 2007

Sacramento River Salmon Fishing has slowed a bit after a great opener. There are beautiful big bright fish in the river, just not a lot of them. Some days we are getting bit, and some days not, you just have to be in the right place at the right time during this early part of the run especially. We caught a beautiful 38lb chrome rocket this morning!! What a fish! From the sounds of things, this is going to be a big fish year. The Feather continues to struggle with warm water temps forcing fish straight through to the hatchery, even with the good flows? Stay tuned as we are now exclusively fishing the Sacramento River for King Salmon. I still have some prime dates available so don’t wait until the hot fishing reports or it may be too late. Call at (530) 898-8670 or (530) 592-8075. Take care and fish on!