September 10, 2007

Sacramento River Salmon fishing has remained tough this last week or so. Some days are better than others, but bottom line is tough fishing! There are promising reports from the bay once again and that could turn things around. There was a couple of days that there seemed to be lots of fish in the system, just not a lot of biters and there were also days where it was tough to find any large concentrations of fish? Guess that’s why it’s called fishing! I will be on the Klamath at the beginning of this week with veteran guide Frank Duarte who was kind enough to offer to show me the ropes in that fishery. I may be able to start offering trips on the Lower Klamath river should the Sacramento River not take off!! I will keep you all posted. I also will be offering drift boat trips for anglers on the upper Klamath in October. This is a quantity vs quality fishery. Large numbers of fish are caught here with ease, but the fish are nearing the end of the line so there is a mix of Salmon that can be eaten and fish that we simply need to be put back in the water!! The limit is 2 Adults, 1 Jack and 1 hatchery Steelhead which is a generous take for 1 day of fishing!!