November 2, 2008

Sacramento River Salmon Fishing opened this weekend. After a long wait, Salmon anglers were finally able to get out and fish for King Salmon. The weather was less than favorable on Saturday. I was unable to fish that day and from what I heard, I did not miss much. One fish out of close to forty boats at Hamilton City!! Not to mention it was cold, windy and raining. On Sunday I fished with a group from Santa Rosa and we had a great time. The weather was almost perfect (just a little windy) and we about had the river to ourselves. We did manage to land a beautiful 32lb male that was very bright. Early November is not typically known for being the prime time to fish for late fall king salmon so landing the one we did just added to a great day. As we get later into November and into December, the fishing for late fall Kings will typically improve. Take care and enjoy the short season we have!!