The Boat

boat2While on your trip with Tail Chasers, you will be traveling on a state of the art mid engine 22ft Design Concepts River Angler Jet Boat. This boat will seat four passengers comfortably. Design Concepts is proud to exceed the quality standards of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, the American Boating and Yachting Council and the United States Coast Guard.

design_logoWhen selecting steering cables to bilge pumps, wiring systems to safety rails, they use only the highest quality premium components available on the market, so you will travel with confidence knowing that the components you can’t see are of the same premium quality as the ones you can see.


The Rods & Reels

If you have ever spent a day dealing with equipment that was not performing, you understand the importance of quality equipment. You will be supplied with the best equipment available. You can feel confident that your gear will be trouble free, allowing you to enjoy the day of fishing.